Essay on Fitness Is An Essential Part Of Everyone 's Health

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According to the Oxford American Dictionary; fitness is defined as “the condition of being physically fit and healthy.” There are a multitude of definitions of what fitness means, it’s different for each person. Although the term is broad, it solely refers to overall health and well-being. Despite the growing obesity rates in America, fitness has become an obsession. What was once a trend in the late 70s has become a lifestyle rather than a fad for the population. It can be argued whether fitness will keep the human body healthy or not since there are proven benefits it provides for mental and physical health, but as always, too much of anything, even if it is good, can be deleterious to anyone’s health.
Before the modern age, fitness was an essential part of everyone’s daily lives. Dating back to the Paleolithic Era around 10,000 BC, it was normal for nomadic tribes to go on multiple day journeys in order to find food or water. Nomadic tribes also traveled agreat distance to neighboring tribes to engage in culture games and dancing. As time progressed, humanity became cognizant of the importance of physical fitness, especially on the battlefield. Between 4000-250BC, The Near East had many empires that advocated the use of fitness for military and political purposes. The Persian Empire, in particularenforced rigorous training programs for war and to expand the empire. Ancient Chinese Civilizations during that time affirmed that daily exercise could prevent diseases. By far,…

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