Fitness Is A Gym Program For The Overweight And Obese Essay

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Downsize Fitness is a gym program for the overweight and obese that teaches its members how to live a healthy lifestyle. According to owner Francis Wisniewski,
“Our goal is to help members change their lifestyle. It’s not just about following a diet or working out; it’s about teaching members new habits they will embrace in and outside of the gym. Our goal is to give our members a new quality of life and we have the resources and unique trainer support to do that for everyone who walks through our door.” The program was originally started in 2011 and based out of Chicago, but now has four different locations across Illinois and Texas. Downsize Fitness’ mission, as stated on their blog, is to “provide exercise facilities and specially trained staff for individuals who are at least 50 pounds overweight. We create and facilitate human connections that enable our members to find the courage to confront and persevere in overcoming their obesity.” The program has three main fitness components: resistance training, cardio/respiratory training, and flexibility and balance. On the nutrition side, the three main components are nutrition, nutritional density, and nutritional timing. Along with educating members on nutrition, customized nutritional programs will be set up for each member. Outside of the fitness and nutritional aspects of Downsize Fitness, the program prides itself on its support system for each member, consisting of coaches, staff, and other Downsize Fitness members.…

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