Fitness Challenges: Incredible Fat Burning Training Called Tabata

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Incredible Fat Burning Training Called Tabata

Many different fitness trends have appeared and disappeared through the years. All of them promise weight loss, toning of your body and achievement of your goals. The fitness goals differ from person to person. However, if you are dedicated and you put a lot of effort most exercise plans will give you the desired results. The problem arises when you don’t have one hour a day to exercise and you end up giving up. Fortunately, Tabata can help you. It is useful for those who want to change their workout routine a bit and for those who want a quick burning of fat.
Tabata origins and history Tabata is an interval training with a high intensity and it is also known as HIIT. It was created by doctor
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As the anaerobic capacity increases, you will be able to give more effort for a longer period. You can easily measure the improvements of your anaerobic capacity by sprinting as hard as you can. Record the distance and the time. Repeat the challenge after 6 weeks of Tabata training. You will be amazed by the result. You will be able to sprint further.
Increased fat loss and metabolic rate – your basic metabolic rate will increase 15 times with Tabata training. The basic metabolic rate is the energy that the body uses while resting. Tabata will help you to burn 15 calories per minute, you will continue to lose fat several hours after the workout and the basic metabolic rate will increase.
Retention of the muscle tissue – Tabata training is the choice for you if you don’t want to lose muscle, which you worked hard to get, and you still want to do something for your cardiovascular system. This type of training sends signal to the body that you need more muscle tissue. This increase the ratio of lean mass to fat. You can increase your muscle tissue eventually if your choice for training is a full body workout.
No time restrictions – Tabata training is an excellent choice for those who don’t have time to workout or go to the gym. Tabata does not require these time constraints. You will only need your snickers and a few
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However, Tabata is versatile and it can also be used to improve the core strength and weight training. The exercises on which beginners should concentrate are rowing, cycling, running and other cardio exercises. No matter what your focus is, you need to try exercises that included different muscles of the body.
Warm-up for Tabata Before starting with the first set of Tabata training, it is best to perform a full body warmup that is dynamic and lasts for five minutes. this warm up should consist of different movements that will include all of the muscles that will be used in the 4 minutes of Tabata training. The warm up will help you activate the nervous system, increase the range of motions and body temperature. A warm-up can easily improve your performance of Tabata if you do it in the right way. You can create a nice dynamic warm up by matching and mixing some of the following exercises. Remember, that the exercises that you will choose must engage the muscle you are planning to use later on. Here are some excellent warm up exercises before Tabata training:
• Jumping

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