Fitness Analysis : Fitness And Nutrition Essay

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Eating healthy every day and never missing a workout is possibly the unhealthiest thing to do. Now you might be wondering, how is this true? Well we all need balance in life and without it we are destroying more than just our health. A certain diet called “if it fits your macros,” or otherwise known as flexible dieting, can help any individual balance their diet. Also never missing a workout for anything can be unhealthy because we would be missing out on life in some circumstances. Fitness and nutrition should enhances our lives rather than control them by, flexible dieting, not stressing over one missed or bad workout, and letting life takeover.
A fitness buff can take the whole fitness experience way to serious. Now, one may say, “I am just very dedicated.” However, where is the distinction between obsession, and being just passionate about something. In the article, “Fitness Buffs Embrace Flexible dieting,” Deborah Manog demonstrates and explains what these “fitness buffs” are mainly obsessing about, and what they are doing to improve on the situation. For example Manog explains, these fitness buffs, who she relates to the daily gym attender, struggles to just peacefully sit down and eat a meal; because, they are overthinking the health aspect to the food (Fitness Buffs Embrace Flexible Dieting Pg12). This is a huge issue in many fitness buffs, creating eating disorders and even other mental disorders concerning the body. Acquiring issues such as these can create long…

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