The Importance Of Fitness Advice To Ignore

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Fitness Advice to Ignore
1) ''Doing crunches and working on the abs machine will make you lose belly fat.''

- Crunches and abs machine will help strengthen your midsection muscles and will also improve your posture.

Great! Now you have strong midsection muscles.. But being able to see them and tone your waist actually depends on your overall body fat percent, actually fat comes all over the body. Unfortunately spot training doesn’t burn fat, when you lose weight you are unable to choose the area where reduction will occur.
To lose belly fat and more precisely to lower your overall body fat percent, your training program should consist of resistance training, cardio and reducing your calorie intake.

2) ''That exercise works well for me,
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And another reason is that most people who workout enjoy an increased appetite that they don't want to give up on when they stop working out.
Why would anybody stop working out anyway?

4) ''Machines are for definitions and free weights are for bulking''
That’s one of the most common myths in the fitness industry, we find people who want to build muscle mass tend to avoid gym machines and head to the free weights area. Despite the fact that machines are not my favorite compared to ground based movements, let's make it clear first:
Your body doesn’t know whether you are lying down on a bench press doing free weights or whether you are seated on a bench press machine, what it knows is muscle tension and overload. That’s the only language your muscles speak, tension and overload. They don't know whether you are in a fancy gym using branded equipment or whether you are carrying a cow like Milo of Croton did. ( )
If you are loading that seated bench press machine up with weight that is an overload for you, you are going to build muscle using that movement. You will build as long as you are increasing muscle tension and
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Picture a KG of lean meat you buy at the grocery store, that’s what a KG of muscle looks like. Triple that size and make it more ''jelly-like'' and will you have a good idea of how a KG of fat is like.
When your clothes fit better and your belt gets looser, you are happy so you check the scale to find out that it hasn't moved, you lose your mind.
It is all about density and volume people!
Muscle is more denser than fat and therefore it is less in size and takes less space in your body.

So when you lose a KG of fat and gain a KG of muscle your weight will be the same, but your size and shape will surely

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