Fit Centrum Case Study

4.2 Research question 2: How is the external environment of Fit Centrum?

The objective of this sub research question is to find out the macro environmental factors of Antwerp. It is crucial to gain a clear view of potential customers in Antwerp and the market supply, as they want to know the market demand for their product. The data found is collect by conducting desk research and acquired from secondary resources.
4.2.1 PESTLE Political:
The government tries their best to help motivate and stimulate people from Antwerp to be healthier. As seen at figure 6 the obesity in Belgium is 52 % for people above the age of fifteen. Therefore, they are investing in a campaign named ‘t Stad Beweegt’ and into organizations that help motivate
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Especially the increased interest in the wellness living standards has stimulated the fitness and wellness industry tremendously . Moreover, the boost in wellness standards has created floods of new fit and health trends (McCall, 2016). It has also created occupations such as fitness models, healthy lifestyle bloggers and vloggers whom promote fitness and wellness related products. Furthermore, they stimulate, inform and raise awareness about the fitness and wellness industry to their viewers. The increased exposure through social media has made people more aware of the possibilities in fitness and wellness. Therefore, social media can boost your work out by helping motivating people to lose more weight or exercise more often. Peoples’ health behaviors are impacted heavily by their peers. When people are exposed to weigh lose related social media post they are more likely to lose weight themselves. However, it could also have a negative effect as the result can be the opposite, which is weight gain. By exposing themselves with people that are focused on healthy lifestyle and fitness, could have a more positive effect on them (Fox News Health,

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