Fish Is Becoming The World 's Largest Wild Food Source Essay examples

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Now in the 21st century, fish is becoming the world’s largest wild food source. Fish are a very important and highly consumed resource for the majority of the world, but in the wild, it is in limited supply. With commercial fishing increasing higher and higher yields of fish, the supply of available fish is becoming increasingly low. Fishing grounds that once used to be thriving with stocks of fish are becoming an expended resource. “Fish consumption increased by 31% from 1990 to 1997 but the supply from marine fisheries grew by only 9%” (FAO, 1999). With this increase in consumption greatly overpowering the availability, fish will become an expended resource. This is only reinforced with the accompanying insurmountable increase of the human population that will only increase consumption driving the supply to scarcity. More and more people mean more fish consumed. But how can we keep up? Fish farms are able to contribute, to an extent, to the available supply of fish alongside commercial fishing, but even this method has run into problems where genetic modification seems like an answer. But we don’t fully understand the impact this has on the fish’s health and integrity, or what potentially consuming these products can do to us. The subject of genetically modified fish is very controversial; until we know more about it’s future impacts, it remains a subject up for debate.

A fishery is a designated area that contains certain aquatic species and populations available for…

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