Essay on First Year Reflections By Carl Sun

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“First – Year Reflections” was written by Carl Sun and published by Peer Review. Sun attendant the University of Maryland as a student, when she wrote this article. As this was Sun’s first time experiencing college, she did not know what she was going to be facing; she thought everything was going to be smooth. But college took a different turn. Carl Sun was once an above average high school student. She was always known for getting straight A’s and nothing lower. But little did she know, the work she did in high school was not going to be the same in college. Sun entered college thinking she will not be facing any challenges. That everything she will be doing is going to be easy as pie. It was not until she done her first paper that she realized college is not what she expected. Sun states “I was misguided in the mindset of the work I had to do in college. It is not supposed to be easy, as nothing in life is” (1). When Sun received her paper, after thinking she did a fantastic job on it, she realized the hard work she done led her to a grade of a C. In her mind it seem as if the whole world was crumbling done on her. But instead of allowing this grade to bring her down, she decided to work twice as hard to improve her grade. “I pushed myself harder, harder than I ever had to work” (Sun 1). After realizing college is going to take more work and dedication, Sun did her paper over and received a B+, which made her proud. As a freshman in college, Sun was able to form…

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