First Year Of Elementary School Essay

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I began to study English in the first year of elementary school, in Italy. At that time I was only six years old and I do not remember how I studied in school. In middle school it was mandatory to learn two foreign languages. English was the first one, while the second one was either Spanish or German. I chose Spanish because it was closer to Italian, my first language. I had the same teacher for the English and Spanish classes, and as far as I can remember she did not speak in the target language. The way I was told to study and prepare was to complete grammar exercises in the book, as well as memorizing grammar rules. I remember doing oral and written tests in which I had to explain the rule in Italian (for instance, in English you use the present simple to talk about a recurring action), but I did not have to apply the rule to the language in order to communicate. For this reason, I believe that I was learning (not acquiring) English and Spanish by gaining knowledge of the rules, as explained by Oxford (1990). I knew how the language worked and how to form sentences, however I was not able to speak or understand the language.
In high school I continued to study English and Spanish. At this time I had two different teachers for the two classes and the grammar-translation method was used in both courses. I often had long texts to translate from Italian to the target languages. In class, students had to read their translations aloud and the teacher helped and suggested the…

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