First Person Plural : My Life As A Multiple By Cameron West Essay example

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There’s much you can learn through reading about different psychological disorders and concepts. The book “First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple” by Cameron West specifically explains the life of Cameron West living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. I chose this book because of my uncertainty and intrigue about DID and the everyday struggles of multiples. Because this book is based on the actual accounts of Cameron West, I felt I got a better understanding of DID and could really get a feel for the thoughts and feelings of this man through his journey of dealing and coming to terms with his disorder. At the end of the book, I had gone through a whirlwind of emotions from sadness because of Cams past to have developed DID to utter joy that he learned how to accept it and lived a happier life. From a psychological perspective, I learned many things I never would’ve guessed about DID at the end of the book. For example, I learned that alters develop when someone encounters a traumatic experience and part of the brain “splits off,” taking the memory along with it so the person can continue living a normal life. Every time something fearful happens, the same alter comes back or a new one is created as a defense mechanism. I also learned that alters can communicate with each other, as in the past I thought they would always never know of each other. In the book, Cam seems to be the only male multiple since all the others he’s met were female. From this I inferred…

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