Essay on First New Avenues Of Discovery

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Albert Einstein is universally looked to as one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century, with his studies making a extensive impact on the understanding of the universe. He was born with a curious mind and strived to understand everything going on in the world around him as well as the world outside his perception. This drive lead him to develop theories that would enhanced the way scientists analyze the universe today, opening new avenues of discovery. Albert Einstein was born Württemberg, Germany in 1879. Einstein grew up in a secular Jewish family, his father both salesman and engineer, and his mother spending most of her days at home. His brother and father cofounded a company that manufactured electrical equipment called Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie; this provided for the family. Einstein had a troubling young life. Attending Luitpold Gymnasium elementary school in Munich he was always seen to be a peculiar child; having issues with his speech, abnormal head shape, and an ominous personality. He also had distaste for the way education was being fronted, with its heavy push towards standardizing and memorization, which he felt to be a hindrance. However, he found his release though arithmetic, showing specific promise in the fields of calculus and geometry. The Einstein’s had a family friend that would occasionally dine with them. This man, Max Talmud who was a Polish medical student, tutored Albert outside of school curriculum. Max…

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