First Nation 's Residential Schools Essay

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The topic I have chosen to explore in my paper is First Nation’s residential schools. How can we all be involved in reconciliation? Why is it important for all Canadians to have a role in reconciliation? I will first describe the residential schools and what happened, then move on to see the aftermath of these residential schools in a variety of settings and to conclude, I will talk about how we can all be a part of reconciliation and why is it important for all Canadians to have a role. My thesis is that First Nations residential schools touched so many First Nations people in such a negative way and which continues to harm generations that have followed the residential school survivors, that to get reconciliation correct gives First Nations and the rest of Canada the opportunity to reset our relationships in a much more positive way.
The last residential school in Canada closed in 1996; in the last 100 years, 150,000 children went through the residential school system. (Woolford, 2016) Residential schools were a boarding school where First Nation’s children were sent so they could learn English and better assimilate. Residential schools were completely involuntary; children were stripped from their parents and sent to residential schools without permission. These schools were generally taught by nuns and priests who believed that the First Nation people were barbaric and without religious help, would be doomed to Hell. First Nation children were also taught to reject…

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