First Lady Roles

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Register to read the introduction… Hillary Clinton was a strong and motivated person in her own right before becoming First Lady of the United States. She was a lawyer with her own career and ambitions. ” Hillary Rodham Clinton had experience as a corporate lawyer, a tenacious fighter for educational reform, a nationally recognized expert on children's legal rights, and a director of both corporate and nonprofit boards” (Hillary Clinton Biography ). The public recognized Hillary Clinton as “a force to be reckoned with in American Politics” (Clinton, Hillary). What came along with the public’s perception of Clinton being outspoken was not always positive and she was often criticized for being so actively involved. As First Lady, Hillary Clinton was very involved in her husband’s administration. Her political involvement was unprecedented, “Clinton was the only First Lady to keep an office in the West Wing among those of the president's senior staff. While her familiarity with the intricate political issues and decisions faced by the President, she openly discussed his work with him, yet stated that ultimately she was but one of several individuals he consulted before making a decision” (First Lady Biography). No longer was the First Lady an ornament on her husband’s arm, but intelligent and an independent woman who made valuable contributions to her husband’s administration and to the world in general. Though Mrs. Clinton was politically active, she managed to maintain a traditional role of First Lady also. “Hillary Clinton did not ignore the traditional role of First Lady. With a lifelong interest in regional American history, she initiated the Save America's Treasures program, a national effort that matched federal funds to private donations to rescue from deterioration and neglect, or restore to completion many iconic historic items and sites, including the …show more content…
From the 20th century, when Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford were First Ladies to the 21st century, when Laura Bush and Michelle Obama became First Ladies there are obvious role changes. The wives of the presidents have slowly evolved for the better and made an impact on so many people. Many of the First Ladies have played pivotal roles in supporting women’s rights and the ability of women to participate equally with their male counterparts. The First Lady is no longer seen as just a hostess, but is seen as an independent woman who has her own thoughts and views and takes actions to bring about change in the

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