Essay on First Internet Reliable And Reliable Bank

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First Internet Reliable Bank Internet banking is widely used in everyday financial transactions around the world. Physically going to a bank to perform simple financial transactions in today’s era is somewhat hard to imagine. Thanks to innovated thinking and risk taking, three very smart and talented people set out to change the way people bank locally and worldwide. According to Fox (2013) over 50% of Americans adults or over 60% of people having internet access do their banking online. A significant amount of those having cell phones also use their device for banking (Fox, 2013). This case study paper will review and analyze First Internet Reliable Bank quality of service to their customers in a rapidly changing market.
The history behind the First Internet Reliable (FIR) Bank began in 1994 in Redmond, Washington. Mimi Livingstone an experience banker and a MBA holder pioneer the opening of the FIR with Marvin Arbol and Nick Sistemas. Both men worked at Microsoft during the 1980s after earning their degrees in software engineering. After a successful career at Microsoft, both men decide to venture off into a different direction and aided Livingstone in opening the first internet reliable bank (Evans & Lindsay 2014, p.144). All three innovators had the knowledge and talent to set off into a trending direction with computers and the internet. Livingstone and her colleagues foresaw the possibilities with internet access and banking not only locally but…

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