First Generation College Goers By Liz Riggs Essay

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First Generation College Goers The article by Liz Riggs “First Generation College-Goers” is primarily about the perceived struggles of people who are the first in their families to attend College. The issues of a first-generation student tend to involve financial burdens and being behind academically compared to others. While colleges may accept these students, they are far less likely to graduate on time or at all compared to their peers. Most of these students are unaware of the resources that are available to help them and even when going out of the way to prepare for college are often surprised by the actualities of college life. Students tend to opt for cheaper local institutions because they cannot afford any better, they are close by, and the students feel they are not fit for larger institutions. Kids are often unaware of the programs and financial aid available for first generationers because they often at more “elite institutions” that the students do not consider (qtd. Jarrat and Riggs 10). Another issue facing them when choosing a school is the lack of information available about the graduation rates of first generation students. The article is ineffective in its delivery: suffering from, flawed logic, confusing contradictions, and an unclear target audience. . The tone of this article is causal with broken sentences and added “fluff” to make it sound more academic. For instance, many of the sentences begin or end with unnecessary additions such as…

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