First Day Of The First World War Essay

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28 July 1914 marked the first day of The First World War, which was in no way inevitable. It was the first major war of the industrial age, and the first ever war to be fought on a worldwide scale. A war that killed over thirty-seven million people1 and involving over 100 countries1 could have been avoided in various ways. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Sir Edward Grey, had the power to stop The First World War but made significant diplomatic mistakes that resulted in the British declaration of war on Germany on August 4 1914. Furthermore, the “Blank Cheque” that Germany offered to Austria-Hungary is what caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia in the first place, which means a withholding of the unconditional German support would have prevented the First World War from starting. Additionally, if Great Britain was ruled democratically rather than an Aristocracy, the common people would vote against going to war at all, preventing Britain from declaring war on Germany. A withholding of unconditional German support from Austria-Hungary during the July Crisis of 1914 would have prevented the First World War. Austria-Hungary was willing to go to war with Serbia after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand as long as they could be provided with Germany’s support of the situation. Germany, terrified of being encircled by the Triple Entente and confident that Russia would not intervene, offered unconditional support for Austria-Hungary in the event of a…

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