First Day of School in France Essay

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There I was, sitting in the middle of the class looked upon by every single student in the entire room. I had a feeling of total awkwardness and embarrassment, and my mind went totally blank. There, like a terrible dream I never thought would come to pass, as time went by like a broken hourglass. I stared, as if I had seen the future through my eyes, as the teacher stared right back at me with her look of despise. She knew deep inside that I was unaware of her dialogue, yet she simply waited in silence for my response. Words began to spiral in my head as I searched for the one phrase that would satisfy my instructor. I threw a quick glance at the other students, and watched as they snickered and babbled off to their
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Eagerly, she said “Welcome to France, I hope you enjoy your first day of school,” and my day began.
I was surprised, but I kept that feeling to myself as we continued with class. I was lucky enough to be in an international class with other foreign students, but my situation was the worst because I came from a different continent. There were students from Germany, Romania, Spain, Morocco, and Algeria, and I was the only American. They already had somewhat of an idea about the language, which gave them an advantage in class. Those next few weeks of school were dreadful. There were days that I would come home in tears. I was made fun of because of my American accent and they teased me because of the way I dressed. Even teachers embarrassed me with their smart remarks in French about my misunderstanding of the language. I became furious. At one point, I wanted to drop out of school and just run away. I never lost focus and continued to stay strong.
Now that I look back at my experience in France, I think to myself, “School in France was great.” After becoming more educated with the language, I began making a lot more friends. Before I knew it, everybody in the entire school knew who I was. I felt as if I was the most popular kid on the block. My teachers were more accepting because of my determination to master the French language and my accent was improving. I had trained myself to follow an easy routine where I would walk over to the bakery

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