First Day Of Class Leadership Essay

1121 Words Jan 19th, 2016 null Page
INTRODUCTION First day of class our leadership class, our assignments were given out, and one of the assignments was to seek out two leaders and interview them. The interview should be focused on their background and the history of their organization, their leadership journey, the number of years they were active in their role or present leadership position, the number of people that they supported within their company or organization etc. In addition, what were the toughest challenges of their leadership journey, what tools they used to overcome these challenges, what they learned about leadership and what were the greatest opportunity they encountered in their leadership journey? When the assignment was given, I found myself contemplating on how this assignment would be accomplished. What should I do? Should I just approach one of our managers or vice presidents and ask them for an interview. I decided that it had to be done, regardless of my apprehension. I ask an old manager of mine, if he would be a candidate for my interview. The manager responded that he would get back to me with an answer. But, as expected no response was given. Left with the dilemma to find another candidate. I decided to approach a good friend of mine Anthony Williams who worked at a law firm as a manager. I explained the assignment and asked him if he could give me an hour of his time for the leadership interview. He immediately responded that he would be flattered to do an interview…

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