First Chapter: I Row My Own Boat

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First chapter- I row my own boat

Before I was 10 years old, I could see the world through my mind. The world was so bright and colorful. With a thought, flowers bloomed. Timeless creations appear before my eyes with swing of my finger.

I could see things that weren’t logical. Sometimes, there were voices whispering in my ears telling me to wake up during the night. When I was 12, my parents taught me they were called a child’s fantasy. That those dreams will disappear when I grew up. I didn’t believe my parents.

At the night before Mother’s Day, I begged my father to bring me to the store to buy some food. I was still a 13-year-old boy trying to please my mother then. So when I saw a trail of glitters on the floor, I thought it was a road leading me to a magical world. I pulled away from my father’s grasp and ran off not knowing that my father
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I’ve been living in this worn-down apartment after getting kicked out by the last landlady for the stinking smell coming from my room.

The work was eating the life out of me as the pile of dump around me. I’ve been careful not to eat food that will leave a rotten smell after leaving them at the corner of my room. In this case, the options leave me one but the cheap meal of cup noodles. Soon enough, water and electricity will stop coming in if I don’t step out this room and pay my bills.

When I say old part-timer, I meant the neet who never step foot outside. I do what people with a lot free time usually do. I play games, watch movies and sleep through the day. Sometimes I would receive a phone message from my mom telling me she would come over tomorrow. And the best part about that is my room would finally have a clear path from the door to my computer. Call me a disgrace to the family, but when you’re used to the routine, it’s basically a come-and-go thing.

I picked up the book under my desk and a cracking sound came along from my back.

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