First Accident Narrative

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Little kid’s first accident Childhood is an important period of person’s life. Every single accident we face is like a lesson for our whole life. It made you feel either good or bad. Unfortunately, my memory always takes me back to the accident that I had fourteen years ago. I can remember every single detail of what happened. I was 7 years old when my childhood turned really bad. Actually, people always thought that I was very bratty and smart at that time. I had done very crazy stuff with my older sister and all are carved in my mind, but one of them had turned my childhood and especially my personality. I clearly remember when I was playing with an old telephone that was broken. I wanted to open it and tried to fix it. So, I
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My sister who was older than me, was my partner in everything. Even though she was so rebellious, I followed her. I recall how we were standing in front of our house and made fun of people. Also, we went to Downtown alone and started to advise smokers to quit cigarettes. We were not afraid of anything and I was not shy at all. Even on my first day of school, I was very bold. Most students were so afraid and they were crying, they were sticking to their mothers like a kangaroo. I was very social and different because I went to school alone with no fair and I talked too much with all classmates. I did not cry or refused to go to school like other students who were in my age. One day everything has changed in my personality which made different. I was very curious that day when our red big telephone had been broken. My mother was about to throw it away, but I took it from her immediately. I decided to fix it, but this time I would not tell my sister. At first I was wondering how I could open it, so I went to ask my older sister how we could open and fix broken things and she told me that I could use a hammer to open it and manual screwdriver to fix it. Then I looked for the item she told me about. They were not in the home, so I went to the rooftop where my father put his equipments there. My arrival there was the end of my childhood and the beginning of …show more content…
I had been absent since I got injured, so I missed a lot of lessons at school, but my friend visited me to give me what I have missed. I started to talk rarely and I got very shy also I felt shame for nothing. I suffered from an inferiority complex. I did not want anybody to see my scar, so I was trying to hide it with anything and from everybody even my mother. She tried to make me get rid of this suffering. Sometimes she hid all my socks, but I could find one and I only wore it on my left foot. I could not accept how my foot looked like. I saw the wound like an evil and the black thread like its eyes. After several days my mother decided to get rid of all the socks at home. This could minimize my problem and get rid of inferiority complex. When I went back to school, I was not like the other kids who learned to read and write because I missed half of the semester. Thus, I become very introvert and what made more introvert was the teachers. The teachers were scolding me in every class because I could not read or write. Because they made feel so bad and stupid and I was having an inferiority complex, my whole personality had really

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