Fireworks Thesis Statement

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My thesis film would follow a twelve-year-old boy named Joseph. Joseph is an adventurous boy who lives with is brother and grandparents. When Joseph discovers an old matchbox car, he sees it as a link to his past. He then must uncover that link to his family 's history through his grandmother, who, at the sight of the car, has a sullen change of heart. The film opens with the brothers coming home after school. Since neither grandparent is home, the boys take off on their bike towards the park. But before leaving, Joseph grabs a shovel. After a bit of exploring at the park, they arrive at a large oak tree. Joseph 's begins to dig. His little brother, Joshua, is excited because they are digging up some fireworks they hid from their grandparents. …show more content…
Joseph takes the little metal box to his room. He is hesitant, but eventually clips the little lock with a pair of bolt cutters. Inside is a bunch of small toys, but a red matchbox car catches his eye. When the brothers go to light the fireworks, Joshua picks out a large firework. Joseph rebukes Joshua, saying they have to start with the fountain firework because “that 's how he always did it”. Joseph takes the fountain and walks five steps, counting out loud. He looks both ways. Then sticks his thumb in his mouth and holds it in the air, in a somewhat haphazard yet sincere way. He lights the fireworks, and the brothers watch, smiles on their faces. Joseph clutches the little red matchbox car. Some time passes, and eventually Joseph 's grandmother sees him playing with the car. She questions him about it. After inspecting it, she lets out a soft sigh, hands it back, then walks away. He chases her and she tells him that it is not big deal, and to take his brother outside to …show more content…
The argue over who had the car last. Grandma tells him if they do not find it, she will buy him a new one. Joseph tells her that he doesn 't want a new one, he wants that one because it looked like his father 's car. She says it will turn up eventually and Joseph walks away in defeat. Later that day, the brothers are doing their chores. They go to take the trash out to the can in the garage. Joseph lifts the lid and sees the used fireworks sitting on the top of the trash. Joshua tells him he did not want Grandma to find them in his room, so he threw them away last night. But Joseph counters by telling him she would see them next time she went to throw something away. As Joseph begins to gather the fireworks and put them in his trash bag, something catches his eye. Under some of the trash is the red matchbox car. Joseph takes it to Grandma and asks if she threw it away. She asks Joseph what he remembers about his father 's car. He says they 'd ride together to get ice cream and fireworks and that they had a lot of fun together in it. Grandma then tells the story how of they got the car when his father was younger. She says the fixed it up together and constantly tweaked it. But eventually, it was finished, and Joseph’s father didn 't come visit her as much. She confess that one night she ruined the car, knowing that the time spent fixing it would be with her son. That was the morning Joseph 's father took the bus to

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