Fireweed Essay

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The short story “Fireweed” is written by Skye Brannon, it is a story about a young man named Baluta. He emigrated from West Africa to US, with his brother Jato and his sitster in law Sama. The story is about how an ordinary workday can trigger memories from the past. In the beginning his memories are filled with happiness, because it is about his family back in Liberia.
But as the story evolves, his memories, which he desperately ties to forget presents them selves.

The main character, Baluta immigrated to US about 1980-1990’s because of the civil war in Liberia. In the short story it is written that“ The war will be coming our way soon. It was the first time Baluta saw fear behind his father’s strong eyes”.
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But not only the problem with the hot water shows how poor they are, the car Baluta use to go to work every day is in such bad condition that Jota refers to it as the “ Swiss Chevy” like the Swiss cheese. And the attempts of the duct-tape patchwork and the whistling sound the car makes at speed, clarifies the state of it.

The short story follows a chronological storyline, with some flashbacks. It all starts with Baluta thinking of his little sister Alanso. His memory of her is loving and happy like her self when she was alive. Which is mentioned in the text “ It was Alanso’s laugh, flowing like doves out of her bright smiling mouth. It was Alanso’s laugh, out from between those cheeks caught the sun and held it in a warm glow the rest of the day”. After having the first flashback, his day carries on as normal. On his way to work, he passes a lot of golf resorts and drives trough a big gate, this gate can symbolize a “gate back in time”, to his time in Liberia, because on the other side of the gate he gets a another flashback. The neighborhood he drives in reminds him of his father and the monkeys he used to train. Another flashback comes to him as he sees Tiffany’s

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