Essay about Firearms, A Really Dangerous Weapon

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Firearms, a really dangerous weapon. Since the 9th century, firearms had become one of the important items of human society. Now, if you suddenly think of the guns or firearms, you will certainly think of two countries. One the United States and anther one China. Guns are a kind of sword, it could make a country more powerful, but guns are also dangerous. Thus, we should use the laws to limit, to manage the person who has a gun. Compare with this two county, you will see in China, people cannot have a gun except the army. In the United States every have the power to have a gun. These two countries are kind of extreme. However, what I want discuss is the gun control in Unite States. In recent years, there are many comments about the United States. Keep the gun laws or stop the guns. I prefer to prohibition of the guns. Why should prohibition of the guns? I do not want to say those palpitation meters but, I still support to limited and prohibition of the guns. Since the gun was invented, firearm accidents are numerous. Even during which we are living the 21 century. I think I do not need the example. You could remember that the gunshot accidents in United State. A police use gun kills another person. However, are those gunshot accidents are violent accident? A research by University of Chicago shows no. “victims of homicides and victims of serious assaults are distributed quite similarly by race and sex among the population and differ substantially in these characteristics…

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