Fire Safety Violations

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Fire Inspectors 5 Most Common Violations

Building owners and managers have a very tough job to do - from dealing with maintenance, security, tenant issues and government compliance. Always considering fire safety ensures that some very simple, but sometimes overlooked, items are addressed and small problems are alleviated before they turn into big catastrophes.

A lack of handling routine maintenance items can end in disaster. The fire at The Station Nightclub in 2003, where 100 people were killed when a fire broke out during a rock concert by the band, Great White, was totally preventable. The investigation aftermath showed that several doors were blocked, and that, coupled with the fact that there was no working sprinkler system, led to
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For instance, annual inspections of fire alarm systems are most likely required for high-rise buildings, hotels, schools, churches and daycare facilities. If you have a sprinkler system, this is a great time to inspect that system as well.

Fire extinguishers should be regularly tested or checked out by a reputable service company to make sure they are usable in an emergency. Your fire extinguisher dealer will give you details about the intervals for testing and service.

Emergency exit lighting out of service
Emergency exit lighting is both mandatory and crucial for safety; in the event of a power outage or fire, it can mean the difference between people getting to safety or not. The emergency signs and exit lighting need to be illuminated, and they need to work even when there is no power to the building. This is invaluable for first responders as well, to be able to get in and find their way around, so it needs to be tested and batteries replaced on a regular basis.

Blocked exits
This one is so easily preventable, that it’s sad it needs to be mentioned. Storing boxes or blocking exits with chairs, tables and desks is dangerous. Take the time to rearrange storage and furniture placement so that all doors are easily
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Put a safety team in place with responsibility and authority to handle inspections of critical areas and make needed changes.
Conduct fire and tornado safety drills.
Take advantage of inspection programs offered by your local authorities. They can point out areas that you may have missed.
Publish an educational pamphlet on safety in the workplace, which addresses your particular building.

Regular inspections and maintenance are proven to reduce safety incidents. Scott Richardson is a Building Official with the City of Woodbury, MN, and he told us “We provide a service to our local businesses through an occupancy inspection program on an annual & bi-annual basis for walk through compliance and educational pamphlet on safety in the workplace.” The resources are in place in towns and cities across the country, so do take advantage of them to make your buildings

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