Fire-Personal Narrative

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Day 8 I soon feel asleep and when I woke up the fire was still lit. I looked over to see Lacey gone. I got scared I thought where could she be. I started to yell her name. If the fire wasn 't enough know everyone knew where we were. I looked around and around I was scared. They had taken everyone they could not take another one. I started to cry when i saw Lacey. I sprinted towards her a gave her a big hug. She was so confused she told me she had just gotten up to go to the restroom. I laughed and was grateful. She went with me to get berries but she did not do anything because her leg was still injured. We finally decided that was enough berries and headed up to the treehouse when we got up there we talked and laughed. She told me jokes and I told her stories finally we looked to the …show more content…
As we looked at the shimmer ocean reflecting the sunset 's rays from all the way up on the treehouse. We laughed at how tiny the bird looked compared to the sunset. It came closer and closer. Finally we saw it for what it really was. I could not believe it had it seen my fire. It was a boat I grabbed Lacey put her on my back and I ran towards camp. I could care less about anything else. About the crime and evil we were being rescued. We were free. As I reached the shore I told Lacey I couldn 't carry her anymore that I would come back here with all the girls. She agreed and smiled with tears in her eyes. I sprinted all the way to camp to tell them the news but when I got there Jackie and Rachel sat there they were having a meeting. I saw Lexi, Susie, and the others. They hands were all tied up like criminals. The group of girls did not look happy to see me. Except for Jackie but that was for a different reason. I tried to tell them the news but they did not care. No one move and spoke. Then Rachel took a step towards me and said " You thought you could fool us" I cocked my head up in misunderstanding. "We know everything Jackie told us

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