Fire Investigation Analysis

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Fire investigation includes the scrutiny of every fire-related incident once the fire is extinguished by the firefighters. The practice of fire scene examination is related to the inspection of a crime scene and like any other crime scene, the fire scene must also be preserved and the evidences are collected and analyzed; however, it involves several additional dangers and difficulties. The investigation will include close survey of the damaged scene in order to establish the source of the fire and in due course the cause (Haynes & Molis, 2015).However, in order to effectively evaluate and analyze a fire scene, it is imperious that the investigator possesses a detailed knowledge of chemistry as well as the behavior of fire along
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It produces either a smoldering or flaming fire. It will generally be induced by the inclusion of heat to a fuel in the air and it can be caused by many sources like solar radiation, exothermic chemical reactions, electricity and friction. The spontaneous ignition temperature, also known as auto-ignition point, possesses the lowest temperature wherein a substance ignites without an external ignition source.
Investigation of Fire Scene
The chief purposes of fire investigations is identifying fire for determining the probable causes and decide if the incident was natural, accidental or deliberate. It is important to find the reason to ensure a similar event does not occur (in case of natural or accidental) or a legal investigation needs to be conducted (in case of deliberate fires). Criminal and/or civil penalties may be levied against those that intentionally cause fires or a fire is caused accidentally as a result of negligence.
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Firefighters can get some photo or video footage that any onlookers might have taken using their phone camera. The building owner may be able to provide detailed layout and contents of the building and also any other potentially relevant facts. However, it is necessary to consider that any civilian witness may be untrustworthy and might be involved in the incident. Consider emergency service personnel like police and firefighters are substantially more reliable as witnesses. Firefighters, in particular, may be able to provide more useful information on the probable origin of the fire and also any other unusual

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