Argumentative Essay About Fire Safety

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She was gasping for air but the ashes and black smoke burned her throat. She heard people yelling “Get down! You can get air” but she was focused on getting out of the smoldering building. When she exits she struggles to see, the soot and smoke are burning her eyes. When she finally gets them open she can’t believe what she sees. Fire has been used for years for many purposes, to burn trash, to rid of unwanted trees and brush, to clear land, or just for the average bonfire and s’mores. Most people done see the dangers in it or how incredibly powerful it can actually be. They see only the beauty. Fires are more harmful then helpful and they shouldn’t be used as a tool even when controlled because fires harm a lot of people each year, controlled …show more content…
On a graph located on the U.S. Fire Administrations website it shows that in 2013, 3,240 people were killed by fire and 15,925 people were injured by it. (U.S. Fire Statistics). Even though those numbers have decreased in the past few years they’re still ranging in the thousands. This shows how danger truly can be. Injuries sustained by fire can result in permeant scars, trauma, and the need to see a therapist. That being said, fire is extremely dangerous and needs to be …show more content…
It burns through everything in sight. This can have lethal long-term effects on the environment. In a CBS news article about the long term effects wild fires can have on environments by Noaki Schwartz, a spokesperson for the California Coastal Commission, explains how some shrubs and bushes are destroyed before they can drop seeds and how exotic weeds and grasses will most likely cover the land before the native plants can grow back. The article says, “Invasive weeds and grasses could crowd out native plants and shrubs, accelerating erosion and leading to more frequent wild fires.”(Schwartz, Noaki.) She also says, “Small birds, rabbits, and other animals dependent on California’s rapidly disappearing native vegetation will struggle to maintain a foothold.” (Schwartz, Noaki.) This shows how wildfires can kill off animals and plants, all part of the major food chain. Fire is too dangerous to be using as a method to rid of structures and

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