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The primary objective of an experiential learning simulation game, such as FinGame Online 5.0 (FG), comes from learning how to plan, formulate strategies, and make sets of sound decisions sequentially through time. FG provides a decisionmaking setting similar in many respects to the financial management requirements of an actual company. The manager of an FG company has the operating control of an entire company. The manager is the chief financial officer (CFO) who also controls major decisions normally managed by the chief executive officer (CEO) and chief operating officer (COO).
The FG decision
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The Financial Management Decision Game (FinGame Online 5.0) is a comprehensive multiple-period finance case requiring up to 20 separate management decisions in each period of play. Most decisions are financial; however, a few nonfinancial decisions are included because they have a major impact on financial decisions.


The Purpose of the Game
Use of the game complements and strengthens student skills in managerial accounting, production, and finance by requiring a repeated application of principles, tools, and procedures learned in each of the disciplines. Sound financial decisions are required concerning the firm’s financial structure (liabilities and equity mix) and its resource allocation (asset mix).
To successfully operate a company, an FG company manager must forecast, plan, and control his or her company. Through game play, the manager gets information on the dependence among the different decision variables. The manager must then construct a sound decision-making structure for the firm. The decision tools and techniques that should be used approximate those needed in constructing financial decision-making systems for a real-world operating company.
In summary, much of the participant’s learning comes directly from experience gained by operating in the iterative and interactive problem-solving environment provided by the game. The simulation requires decision making in an environment

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