Fine Arts Vs. Arts Essay

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Art, whether in form of paintings, performances, poems, or plays, is often the avenue of creative expression young people turn to when discovering their own identities. For many of these young people, school fine arts classes are the first opportunities for them experience creativity and individualism first-hand. It is important to preserve these opportunities for future generations and to set of precedence of placing importance on fine arts education. To remove fine arts classes and to defund art programs in public schools would be a total disservice to every single student who walks the halls of a public institution of education. Fine arts programs in schools are often used as strategies to “level the playing field” between students who are on different socioeconomic levels as well as those who learn at different rates or need special attention. Children who participate in fine arts programs such as theatre, art, and music classes have better reading and writing skills than children who do not have these classes in their curriculums (Henry). In some low-income communities where school attendance and high school graduation are very low, increased focus on fine arts programs could inspire students to continue and complete their education instead of dropping out. The beauty of creative expression, even in a school curriculum, is that there is no “right” or “wrong.” Many students who do not finish their high school education or attend college make that choice because they…

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