Fine Arts For All Arts Essay

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Fine Arts for All Fine arts are the essence of a country’s culture, yet in the United States public school system, they are the most neglected of all school subjects. Fine arts programs in schools include orchestra, band, choir, theatre, dance, film, all mediums of art, and more. These programs hold numerous benefits to students, but they are facing major budget cuts or removal from school curriculums. However, we need these programs in our public schools because they strengthen mental development, foster life-skills, create an appreciation for the arts, and are often the start for budding young artists. Too often funding for such programs is cut in favor of subjects that are a part of standardized tests or sports. Studies conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts has found that there have been declines in recent years of participation in arts programs which “given the mandatory status of public education, there is good reason to believe that the general decline in arts education participation in childhood was in large measure the result of cuts in school-based arts instruction” (Rabkin 14). Greater funding and support is needed for fine arts programs in public schools because the arts help students’ mental development along with creating a deeper appreciation for the arts that carries with them for the rest of their lives. The benefits of fine arts programs are numerous and have far-reaching effects, many which have to do with brain development. Music is one of…

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