Finding True Love On Tv : The Reality Of The Bachelor Essay

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Finding True Love on TV: The Reality of The Bachelor

ABC’s The Bachelor is a widely popular reality show that has aired for 20 seasons and has produced various spinoffs such as its twin program, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise. Created by Mark Fleiss and hosted by Chris Harrison, the show is designed around a single eligible bachelor who is looking for love. 26 women are brought in as “contestants” on the show who compete to win the man’s love through a series of planned dates and excursions to various unique locations. Throughout the weeks of competition, the bachelor eliminates the women at set intervals until only one is left. At the end of the season, he may be expected to propose to the last remaining woman, one that he has only known for several weeks.
In the reality portrayed by the show, finding love is made into a competition where dozens of women have their heart set on one man, swearing that he is “the one”. The show is centered around the drama of heartbreak and the end goal finding the woman of this man’s dreams. The dating in the show is also very different from real life in that the women will join the bachelor on group dates and two-on-one dates. These scenarios create more drama as the women have to fight over the man in a scenario that is typically a one-on-one experience. The social reality constructed by The Bachelor is a dramatized and often exaggerated one that presents viewers with an unrealistic view of dating and love.

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