Essay on Finding The Right Location?

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Finding the right location
So you’ve decided to open a business and as a sign that your idea is perfect a great spot has opened on the “best” business section in town. As a business consultant I have spoken to hundreds of client who found the perfect spot on for a perfectly unbelievable price. I have encouraged these clients to take a quick moment – it has to be a quick moment because this deal won’t last for long – and consider the feasibility of the site they have found. Here are some things I have asked them and suggest that you consider before leasing or buying a new business site.
1. Is it zoned properly?
I have seen all too many clients find a good deal on a store front to find out after the fact that it is not zoned for the type of business. Sure you can file for a variance or a change in zoning, but do you have the time and money for the task. What if the zoning board does not approve your request? Most small and start-up businesses need to count every cent in the beginning and this great deal could be a budget breaker or even worse it could leave you with a lease for property you cannot use.
2. Is it really the right price?
Many new business owners are so excited about what they are going to do that they sometimes over look some important matters. What are you purchasing in the lease? Who pays for building repairs, the roof, the ac and other items? I have seen many clients who didn’t really review their lease and ended up paying for additional unexpected items as…

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