Finding The Good Life? Essay

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Finding the “Good Life”
When envisioning the “good life,” we often imagine immeasurable happiness, where all burdens in life slip into oblivion. Unfortunately, this world cannot exist for most individuals, posing the question, what is a “good life” in the life we are given? And once we have found the good life, does that mean we have found happiness, which defined here is the highest good for man. On the journey towards a unique “good life” many have attempted isolation, others have acquired a religion, and some simply search endlessly for happiness, only to wonder if the life they have achieved is truly the “good life.” For centuries, philosophers such as, Aristotle, Kant, and Plato, have tried to crack the egg and reveal the answer to the true “good life”, only to realize it is almost impossible to fully answer. In a world with more than eight billion people, the “good life” varies. However, based on their conclusions, one can deduct that a “good life” can by only be found by reaching peace mentally, physically, and philosophically (“Animation Philosophy”). Finding the “good life”, begins by first discovering internal needs, then obtaining external goods, and finally receiving goods for the soul. These three characteristics are ingredients everyone can use to find the “good life” in the life they are given.
While journeying to find the “good life,” one first needs to obtain internal goods, such as health, vitality, and vigor. Without these happiness is not possible. The…

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