Finding The Defendant 's Best Interests Essay

1106 Words Jan 24th, 2016 null Page
In order to keep the defendant’s best interests in mind and represent her as best we can, our investigation should focus on confirming Vivian Smith’s alibi from September 27th. The first step in this process is to gather all available information beginning with the police report, the only item entitled to the defense in D.C. It’s vital to read it thoroughly and collect every detail possible. From this report, we would be able to establish a beginning plan for the investigation ahead. Once we are prepared with background knowledge of the case we would meet with our client, Vivian Smith. Ms. Smith could be easily found for this interview in custody, as it is her right to have an attorney. In the meeting, we would request a written statement of her account of the night in question. The goal here is to lay out her timeline of the evening, as the police report leaves out answers to a few major questions that could verify her story. For example, exactly where was she that evening, between arrival at the restaurant and her arrest? Ms. Smith claims that her and her boyfriend met up with friends after dinner, and no further information was provided in the report about that. Which friends did she see, what did they do? We need every detail possible to confirm her alibi, from the name of the restaurant to contact information to reach her boyfriend and friends. Overlooked receipts, photos or videos taken, and cell records from that time span could make a huge impact on her case as…

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