Finding The Comfort Of Religion Essay

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Finding the Comfort in Religion During the 1950’s, African Americans were treated as the outcast. They were separated from white people. African American had to use restroom that was only for blacks, and sit at the back of the bus. If a white person got on the bus, they had to give up their seat. They had different waiting room in the hospital than the white people. These were not the only restrictions that were for African Americans, but there were a lot more restrictions on African Americans. Since there were a lot of restriction, some peoples went out searching for a place that they can get support and guidance. So this picture describes the importance of finding comfort and guidance in religion. The woman is getting baptized, and there are some peoples surrounding her. The peoples look like they work there. The picture had been taken in Chicago, Illinois in 1953. There are different visual element that make up the meaning of this picture. For instance, the focus. The focus of this image is on the woman that is being baptized. Her facial expression shows that she had accomplished something that can help her in her future, and also it looks like she had found comfort; furthermore, she had found freedom. In this picture, it looks like the woman just got dumped into the water. This symbolizes being a new creation or person in God for Christians. She is holding the men for the support to stand up. The man on the right, that is holding the woman, has the appearance of a…

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