Finding People Who Are Passionate About What They Do Essay

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Chapter 02

Case No. 01

Case Incident: “Finding People Who Are Passionate About What They Do”

Executive Summary

Trilogy Software, Inc., of Austin, Texas, is a fast-growing software company (with earning in the $100- $200 million range), prides itself on its unique and unorthodox culture. Many of its approaches to business practice are unusual. There is no dress code and employees make their own working hours; Responsibility is heavy and comes early, with a “just do it now”attitude that dispenses with long apprenticeships; Information is delivered as if with “a fire house,” and new employees are expected to commit their expertise and vitality to everything they do. New recruits are given a few weeks of intensive training,
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Therefore their decision to hire Mr. Raimondo is not right for this position. The secondary problem is found in this case is that the Mr. Raimondo created job opportunities in china by outsourcing the portion of this business and running this business in Nebraska, which went against the strategies White house was implementing to create manufacturing jobs in US. Therefore if we see the major problem in this case from HR perspective, we found that the HRM department in white house lake the selection and recruiting tools for hiring a right person for this position. The solution for this problem is to develop a proper HRM system and then after properly screening the environment they must chose an appropriate candidates group for the position, by using the proper HR tools, e.g. the process of recruitment in which includes job description and job specification. And the headings must be the related to the position.

1. What should this position’s job description look like?


The job description in this position look like, creating more manufacturing jobs in us by developing the strategies to promote manufacturing business and enhance their capacity. In short this job refers to a think tank sort of job, to achieve certain goals.

2. What are the ideal job

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