Finding Happiness While Working : Why Stay Unhappy With A Job

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Finding Happiness While Working
Why stay unhappy with a job when you spend most of you adult life working? Your workplace should be full of enjoyment and full of learning opportunities. Not all jobs you obtain will provide you happiness but, you should learn from them what you think best suits you.With my work history, I have come to realize what I feel suits my need as an employee. With that said,
I don’t believe that you should spend your time worrying about your job at all hours of the day nor should you think that you must be rewarded for every time you do something well. Unless you are like Donald Trump and have been given “a small loan of one million dollars,” you spend most of your adult life working for the things that you have wanted most in your life. Happiness with your work will start with what you do to obtain the career that you will find happiness in.
To tell the truth, I have found only one job that has made me happy, aside from being paid minimum wage while employed there. This job valued their employees and rewarded us when appropriate. This company set the record on how to treat your employees. This company also made sure to give constructive criticism when something was done incorrectly. I was not always happy but, I knew that this company cared about our wellbeing and that was most important. Every other job that I have been employed with were managed by people who would rather spend the time judging the amount of work you do instead of the quality of…

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