Essay about Finding Happiness At A World Full Of Inequality

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Finding Happiness in a World Full of Inequality Amelie is a young French woman who finds pleasure in life by rearranging the lives of others to fulfill them with happiness yet she has become so preoccupied fixing the lives of others that she has detached herself from finding her own happiness. Amelie’s detachment from pursuing her own happiness is no surprise. As a child she was raised by her father who never showed her any affection, her father didn’t bother to encourage his daughter into achieving her goals, dreams and happiness in life. By raising Amelie in this manner she became so preoccupied fixing the lives of other at the expense of her own happiness. In the film Amelie it appears that based on her gender Amelie’s father discouraged her from pursuing her desires in life, where eventually Amelie learns that if she wants happiness she has to go and find it, sitting around and waiting for happiness is not enough. Amelie is a film targeted towards young woman who need to learn to pursuit their ambitions in life. The reason I think it is mainly targeted towards young females is because in the film we watched Amelie has to learn that in life she has to take action in her own hands to find happiness. In the past generations we have learned how females were discouraged from achieving goals in life such as wanting to obtain a career or wanting a voice for themselves achieving ( Look for a scholarly source) This film persuades women into taking action if they want to achieve…

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