Finding Forrester Film Analysis

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Finding Forrester is an amazing literary movie created by director Gus Van Sant who is a musician, photographer, and an Author from Louisville, Kentucky. Finding Forrester is a coming of age/drama movie set in the Bronx of New York City. The film is a fictional movie, but seems like a true story to some. Finding Forrester is about a unique relationship that develops between a free spirited, reclusive novelist, named William Forrester (Sean Connery) and a young gifted scholar-basketball player, Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown). When Forrester finds out that the young boy is an amazing writer, he secretly takes him as his apprentice. They develop an unexpected relationship as they ultimately find out about themselves when the scenes moves toward the conclusion. Finding Forrester is a high achieving movie for someone who enjoys ethical movies, as well as, reading and writing. It is definitely a brilliant film, as the script is very well written and dialogue keeps the viewer interested in the movie. It feels that there is just plenty of unexpected scenes to keep the audience interested. Finding Forrester will leave viewers inspired, by the relationship between Forrester and Jamal, the soundtrack will leave the …show more content…
One of the music genres the movie features are jazz songs from Miles Davis and a couple of other great artists from the 60’s. The movie has other great medleys that bring the mood to the audience to make them daydream of the older times. In evidence, the movie plays a remixed of medleys from the Wizard of Oz and also a medley from Louis Armstrong. The movie does not try to use emotional and illogical orchestra music for the film to create an awe experience for the audience, but instead it uses well known allusional music. The movie does not need tricks to make the characters stand out for the Audience. consequently, the movie has a great soundtrack but also has great

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