Essay about Finding An Internship On Business Management

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Finding an internship in business management was a difficult task in the beginning. I was asking anyone and everyone that I knew if there were any positions available. I put in numerous applications trying to locate a position. I was fortunate enough to came across my great Uncles step granddaughter that has worked at VA for years and she gave me a recommendation. She gave names and contact numbers to get me started and then I went from there. I was really excited about the VA because they have decent pay and benefits. I thought, if I don’t get on full time, it would be a great reference. I never visualized the student process and PIV card, which gave me access to the computers, would take so long. At first my responsibilities were to just show up and watch. I was shadowing different jobs or sitting in meetings. I also listened in on a few teleconferences. Tonda sent me the information and showed me how to work the phone. My job was to say nothing, but to just listen. In those teleconferences, I was amazed at how the business uses the same format as in a factory. I never was told the factors that was used to make production. I really think, with what paperwork and information I learned, that it was how many clients they processed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I mention in my weekly journals all the different programs I was introduced in. There are a lot of great people that work there. I enjoyed the opportunity of learning with every one of them. The main projects…

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