Essay about Financing Of The Health Services System

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In the United States, the financing of the health services system is extremely expensive. The most dramatic change in the financing of the health services system was the Affordable Care Act, which made the most current and largest change in the nation’s health care financing system. “The United States system of financing health care is quite distinct from those used in other developed nations; most other developed countries have a system that involves a set of services to which every citizen is entitled, which is paid for by the central government” (Kovner, 2015, p. 233). There are three major ways that the health services system is financed: private insurance, government insurance and publicly financed programs, and out-of-pockets financing. Private insurance financing and coverage varies depending on who is paying for it. Private insurance represents 35% of the expenditures and private share represents 18%. Employers typically purchase coverages for their employees through commercial insurances. These commercial insurances can include Blue Cross Blue, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, and Kaiser. Blue Cross Blue Shield was the first major health insurer. During the last couple of decades, employer based insurance has increased and over half of Americans receive health insurance through their employer. Now, there is a slow decreased in employer based insurance. A large number of people and their families are forced to obtain and pay for health insurance on there own through the…

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