Financing Growth and Poverty Reduction Essay

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Origin of the Report
This report is originated as a partial fulfillment of the requirement of the course “F-310: Public Finance” of BBA program under Department of Finance of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka and under the observation of the assigner teacher Umma Rumana Huq on 22 November 2012.

The broad objective of the study is to identify the various ways to finance economic growth and poverty reduction strategies in Bangladesh for attaining better economic performance and realizing the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals.
The specific objectives are to:
i. Review the source of finance of public expenditure and private sector investment. ii. Analyze government expenditure and private investment
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Data used in the report are based on 2003-2008. As the current data was not that much available. And for the time constrain, we can not analyze the vast data that are also related with the topic title.
Public Finance and Government Policy is subject that should be analyzed by personnel with huge experience and knowledge over the subject. As we don’t have that expertise we faced problem with the information interpretation process and also at the time of data collection.

Poverty Reduction & Financial Growth
The sectors that stand at the front when talking about the economy of Bangladesh and the growth are discussed below with the statistics of their objectives, successes, challenges and opportunities.

Bangladesh's Successes and Challenges in MDGs-Attainment
Bangladesh's relative success in attaining the MDG-targets by 2015 are in the areas of reducing the incidence of absolute poverty, increasing primary school enrolment, attaining gender parity in primary and secondary schooling, reducing under-five and infant mortality rates, increasing life expectancy at birth, and reducing the number of underweight children.

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