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Submission Date: December 09,2011
Faculty of Business Studies, J.U.
December 09, 2011 Mohammed Sawkat Hossain. Lecturer, Faculty of
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We also thank Jahangirnagar University and genially thank the office staff for their collaboration. We also wish to thank our friends, classmates and especially to Abul Monsur Shipu, student of Mathematics, J.U. and Khairun Naysa Ponny, student of MBBS, Gono University for their help and encouragement.
We are greatful to the Faculty of Business Studies, Jahangirnagar University, for allowing us to work on Financial Ratio analysis of M.I. Cement Factory Limited.
Finally, we stretch out our heartiest love to our beloved mother, father, sister and brother during the progress of the assignment for their direct and indirect co-operation without which this study would not be possible.
Sincerely yours
Group DOEL

Executive summary
Financial analysis is the selection, evaluation, and interpretation of financial data, along with other pertinent information, to assist in investment and financial decision-making.
In our study we will try to measure the risk and profitability of M.I. Cement Factory Limited by the financial ratio analysis.
M.I. cement factory was introduced on 11 December, 1994 under the Companies Act 1994 as a public Limited company. The plant, equipped with world famous O’Sepa Separator, initially went into operation with the daily production capacity of 600 metric tons in the year 2000 and marketed its product with the brand name Crown cement. From the very beginning, it has

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