Financial Services And The Digital Bandwagon Essay

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According to MarketingSherpa’s research, website conversions ranked the highest in the financial services industry‐with a 10% conversion rate.

But what if your firm isn’t meeting this average benchmark rate? You may be investing in a variety of resources–social media, email marketing, and PPC. Yet, your rates remain stagnant.

“When over 90% of the visitors to your website leave without becoming a registered prospect or customer, it clearly shows a huge missed opportunity,” says Dave Hubbard, CEO and founder of Marketing Outfield.

Whether you desire to sign up visitors for free newsletters or persuade prospects to complete a transaction, there is an opportunity for your organization to convert interested visitors into clients.

Let’s address how your financial services organization can overcome today’s CRO challenges.

Financial Services & The Digital Bandwagon
Digital technology is constantly transforming how we do business. From employee communication to customer interaction, online marketing matters in every industry.

Traditionally, financial service institutions have been slow to try new technologies due to conservative mindsets and operational bureaucracy. A recent survey by Wipro Technologies found that “fewer than 15% of banks have mature digital marketing policies.”

With fear of becoming obsolete, some organizations are embracing digital marketing campaigns with the use of web analytics‐considered as a bold move by some in the sector.

Marketing analytics…

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