Financial Management Essay

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Financial Management:
Microsoft and Google
BUS508 Contemporary Business
December 12, 2011

The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast Microsoft’s and Google’s business model and financial management. Microsoft and Google don't share a stage often, being increasingly fierce competitors in areas such as Web search, mobile, and cloud computing, but both are big names in internet technology.
Since 1975, when Bill Gates left college to start Microsoft with his friend Steve Ballmer, the company has been responsible for some of the biggest changes in the world of software and technology. Over nearly four decades, Microsoft has developed a broad range of products and services, and the company continues to focus on growing markets
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In recent years, the development of the personal computer market has been eclipsed by the incredible growth seen in the mobile phone sector. With most manufacturers providing a range of smart phones, consumers are looking for the models that offer the most features and greatest functionality. With the ability to combine the best of the PC and the mobile phone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone is set to become one of the more popular choices with tech-hungry users.
Bing, Microsoft’s internet search service, is perhaps not one of their most popular products in terms of something you can buy, but it has the potential to be a huge success. With Google’s dominance of this market having seen off a number of other competitors (including Microsoft’s previous attempts), Bing not only seems to be holding its own, but also looks to be increasing in popularity and growing its share of the lucrative search market.
Since starting out in 1975, Microsoft has continued to improve and develop it most popular products. At the same time, they remain committed to delivering new products in other markets, in order to create even more popular products and services for the future.
Microsoft has eight core business divisions. They are: * Online Services Division: Microsoft’s search, portal, advertising and personal communications services, including online information offerings such as Bing and the MSN portals and channels. * Server and Tools

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