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Business Objective – ‘Global Finance Reports’
Operating Guide


Support Team

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Table of Contents

Objective 3
How to get access to the ‘Secured Finance Folder’ in BO 3
Folder Structure in BO for Global Finance Reports 3
Reports repository 3
BO Support Team 3
Annexure 3
Search Key option in BO 3
Additional Filter option in Bo 3
Enlarge screen with new window and show/hide tool bar 3
How to Change Parameters in BO 3
How to Select Input controls in BO 3
Report Layout Options 3


Considering the complexities in our process, Finance teams always demand reports consolidated from combination of several Companies/Servers. Baan
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2. Please refer the link below to raise a service now ticket to get access to the BO Folder

User Guide: - Service now request for Business objective access.doc
Service Now Link: -

Once user gets access to the BO Folders, following Link can be used to access the reports

BO reports can be opened through the below link

BO Link -

User should Login with AD ID and password. Authentication must be selected as ‘Win AD’.


Select the company for which the access was provided


Folder Structure in BO for Global Finance Reports

• Secured Finance Folder

o Global Reports ▪ FinCo Level Access – • Reports in this folder are accessed based on BO Login Company. User can run the respective Fin comp reports based on the BO Login. These reports will run for a single company. If user want to change to another company user must log out and login to select a different company during Login; ▪ MEP Level Access – • Reports in this folder are accessible based on the OLS Access by MEP. Those who are having access in OLS can run and view these reports irrespective of BO Login Company o Specific site Reports • This folder contains specific site reports which are not global in

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