Financial Elites In The Superclass By David Roth Kopf

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In the book of the “Superclass by David Roth Kopf,” David talks about how the financial elites have gone above all human kind with their power of wealth. These financial elites have been around since history, and they have contributed to the development of a better world. On the other hand, elites have also had conflicts which have limited their power ages ago, yet some of these conflicts still exist today. These conflicts are political, military and economic. For an elite to have power, they had to have political, military, and economical influence, yet some of the elites were influenced by these conflicts, but in history some of the promotions of these powers brought to the elites the limitation of power. Their power was limited because they …show more content…
They are developed because of agreements between any other globalist country to improve international problems. On the other hand, there exist also people who are against all of the agreements that globalists make. These are the anti-globalist, the anti-globalist are people, in some cases elites, who are against the modern developments of the world. They are against the new reforms made by different countries like for example NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). These anti globalists have become stronger in the recent years because these people are also elites, who are well known and respected in their counties. Yet they are elites who promote certain ideas different as the globalist elites. They are known also as anti-elites; they have their own ideas to improve the world and to improve their own interests. These communist dictators do not understand because they rely on the power they have in their country, yet not knowing that they have to rely also on foreign nations to improve their political power. Many of these anti globalist are trained to protect their own country and defend it from western influences. They endanger work of the economic superclass because the anti-globalist want to have military power and take over countries which are being developed by these superclass (like when they wanted to disappear the country of Iran). The superclass depend on powers far in different countries and this is affected by the anti- said before, They have their own political views that deny other global elites to promote an idea which they believe is a non-influential thing to do to improve the

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