Financial Crisis Of The Global Economy And The Effects On The Middle Of 2007 And Into 2008

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There is always financial crisis in the global economy and the effects really show in the middle of 2007 and into 2008. Where the world stock markets have fallen around the world and large financial institutions collapsed or either bailed out by the governments by rescue packages and bail out their financial systems.
Economy was concerned about those who should be responsible for the financial problems are being bailed out. Since global financial meltdown affects almost everyone globally.
After the entire financial crisis, the questions will be how to deal with recession. Many governments have started to contemplate these kinds of measures. For example, South Korea reduced its interest rates, as has Japan, China, England, various European countries, and many others.
Many counties started to look to borrow billions of dollars or with some bail out plans with stimulus packages in order to try and kick-start ailing economies. However, in US most states found out those markets are not always able to function on their own in the current financial crisis.
After the global crisis how the economy going to fix the issue such as unemployment rates, interest rates, deflation and inflation. How the government going to come up with the plans as invisible hands to fix the economy or just let it fix itself. There are many solutions come up from different federal government such as introduce incentives or extend the unemployment benefits to help the families to circuit the money in the…

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