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Leadership Competency Assessment

The healthcare landscape is ever changing and I want to help shape a lasting healthcare future for generations. Healthcare is a fluid entity that needs to be nurtured and maintained. The St. Mary’s University Masters program for Human and Healthcare
Services will lead, teach and help me to successfully navigate a new career in Healthcare.
Moving up the hierarchal ladder within Allina Health system is my goal, to achieve this
I must utilize my talents known and unknown. Strength Finder 2.0 assessment is the starting point for recognizing, capitalizing and utilizing my strengths. Achiever, input, deliberative, responsibility and consistency were my top five themes from the Strength Finders 2.0
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Always looking for a problem complained one of my coworkers, but if you know what the problem is you can then figure out an alternative is always my answer back. Problem solving, brain storming, thinking outside the box helps me to get a handle on situations whether it is workflow related or co worker related. Maintaining an open mind and promoting good morale in the clinical microbiology department is key to my roles as a CLSII. In my most resent performance evaluation, my manager stated, “Julie is one of the most accomplished techs in the microbiology lab. She has a good handle on the department workflow and has a more global view of the work and the department in general. She does a good job of moving staff around to get all of the work done as efficiently as possible. Julie is well liked and respected by her co-workers. She is a tech who can be counted on when something needs to be done in the department.” These statements back up my assessment from Strength Finders 2.0 and really surprised me. I do not put labels on my job performance. I am just doing my job and trying to do it well. My goals are to get a position with Allina Health in the Infection Control Department as an Infection Preventionist. Infection Preventionist position required skills entail interpersonal relationship and problem solving skills, verbal, written, and computer skills, knowledge of micro-organism, blood borne pathogen, infection transmission and prevention

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