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Fourth Edition

Financial Statement
Analysis & Valuation
Peter D. Easton

University of Notre Dame

Mary Lea McAnally

Texas A&M University

Gregory A. Sommers

Southern Methodist University

Xiao-Jun Zhang

University of California, Berkeley


Business Publishers

To my daughters, Joanne and Stacey

To my husband Brittan, and my children Loic, Maclean, Quinn and Kay

To my wife Susan, and my children Christian, Peter and Philip

To my wife Sharon, my daughter Jasmine, and my parents 滕惠清 and 张祥林

Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation, Fourth Edition, by Peter D. Easton, Mary Lea McAnally,
Gregory A. Sommers, and Xiao-Jun Zhang.
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He holds a graduate degree from the University of New England and a PhD in Business Administration
(majoring in accounting and finance) from the University of California, Berkeley.
Professor Easton’s research on corporate valuation has been published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, The Accounting
Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, ­ eview of
Accounting Studies, and Journal of Business Finance and
Accounting. Professor Easton has served as an associate editor for 11 leading accounting journals and he is currently an associate editor for the Journal of Accounting
Research, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, and Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance. He is an editor of the Review of Accounting ­ tudies.
Professor Easton has held appointments at the University of Chicago, the University of California at Berkeley,
Ohio State University, Macquarie University, the Australian Graduate School of Management, the University of
Melbourne, Tilburg University, National University of
Singapore, Seoul National University, and Nyenrode
University. He is the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in teaching and in research. Professor Easton regularly teaches accounting analysis and security valuation to MBAs. In addition, Professor Easton has taught managerial accounting at the graduate level.

Mary Lea McAnally

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